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Rumi, one of the world’s most revered spiritual poets wrote, “what you seek is seeking you.” barb is a seeker. At first, looking for nothing more than self-worth, barb’s path drew her to pioneers of cutting edge consciousness training. Using the information and guidance provided, barb discovered that the outside world is influenced by our “inside world” (thoughts, beliefs, feelings and focus). barb wisely claims utter responsibility for what shows up and is fully in touch with her unique and divine power. She lives intentionally with pleasure and purpose.

Embracing the unknown, rooted in self-forgiveness and love, barb reaches for ever greater clarity, freedom and ease. Knowledge and experience, gained from such a divine quest, have been applied with such a degree of success that others say she now embodies the description, “Artist of Living Well”.

All of this is grounded in her empowered inner growth. Her realization of a deep connection to All That Is, and a confidence that the Universe has always got her back PROVIDE an increasingly resistance-free savvy for the ultimate expression of living in high definition.

Even better, barb has found a capacity for giving back to the Universe in ways that not only express her Inner Being and passion for living well, but that allow barb to guide others toward becoming radiant examples themselves of a life masterfully lived in profound wholeness and joy.

It seems barb has become a pioneer herself, travelling at the speed of love.